Presentations and Training


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  1. “What’s New” Program Update (developed for an Environment, Safety, and Health stakeholder briefing)
  2. Proposal Development: Overview (Intra-departmental presentation developed using the “Lessig” method)

SLAC Online Training Courses

Some of my favorite projects at SLAC involved working with the instructional designer. We replaced static beauracratic language that was illustrated by unrelated photo stock with an engaging set of exercises that explained why it is essential to observe safety requirements. The updated graphics and interactivity placed the learner into his or her actual working environment and I shifted the tone so that is was upbeat and inviting. 

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  1. Employee Orientation for Environment, Safety, and Health
  2. General Employee Radiation Training
  3. Radiation Worker Training

San Francisco State University Courses

 DAI 324 Syllabus 2007

(TPW 400 syllabus and presentations forthcoming)