Amory Lovins at Stanford’s GCEP – What’s the Latest?

Every October I tune in for a type of stereo experience on topics that I’ve devoted a lot of my professional time to – the energy::environment nexus. For a few days I attend Stanford’s Global Climate and Energy Project Symposium – GCEP for short  – and listen carefully to what prominent business and academic leaders are saying about what it will take to address the seemingly intensifying climate chaos. I wander through poster sessions and listen to Ph.D candidates present technological approaches and I come away with many unanswered questions and not a lot of hope.

A few days later  I do a 180 and volunteer at Bioneers, where the emphasis is more on ecology, right action, interdependence, coexistence, and indigenous wisdom. As a volunteer I feel empowered and surrounded by other volunteers and attendees who are moved by their open hearts as well as an open mind.

I am in awe of all of the many ways of understanding the world and our place in it. This year the GCEP keynote speaker is Amory Lovins, who I followed around like a lost nerd-puppy at Bioneers in 2011, the year he introduced his latest must read “Re-inventing Fire.” Every word, every analysis sounded like, yes, a solution. What will he say this year, and what will he emphasize at event with a very different organizing principle? If the news is good, I’ll post it right here – stay tuned. Time for GCEP-Bioneers convergence? (Yes!)

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